5 Year Workmanship GUARANTEE

You won't have to worry about how your building is built or whether it will stand the test of time. 
Our sheds are built to last, and we use the best materials available.

50-Year LP SmartSide Wood Siding

Factory primed, we chose LP SmartSide not only for its looks, but for its resistance to both termites and fungus.

Premium 3/4" Tongue-and-Groove Floor

Don't settle for flimsy flooring. Our premium flooring stands up to heavy weight and moisture*. 

40-Year Metal Roof or Lifetime Architectural Shingle Roof

We use the highest quality roofing materials available. 

Our buildings come with a 5 year workmanship guarantee from the date of delivery.

Homestead Buildings & Sheds, will repair issues that arise as a result of faulty or poor workmanship, provided that Homestead Buildings & Sheds is notified of the issue during the warranty period. Homestead Buildings & Sheds, guarantees that the building conforms to the requirements of the work order and specifications provided on the Order Form. If any defects are found, Homestead Buildings & Sheds shall repair or replace any of the alleged defective work / materials at its cost.

The work to be corrected will be the particular part or area that is defective. Homestead Buildings & Sheds shall start corrective work within a reasonable time after notice has been received from the owner / renter. Homestead Buildings & Sheds shall have the option of repairing or replacing, at its election. Homestead Buildings & Sheds reserves the right to inspect the building / issue in order to determine that the issue was caused by faulty or poor workmanship.

Homestead Buildings & Sheds reserves the right to charge a service fee if it’s determined that the issue was not a result of poor or faulty workmanship or labor on the part of Homestead Buildings & Sheds. This warranty shall be null and void and Homestead Buildings & Sheds shall not be liable for any damages or expenses, if the owner / renter does not first grant Homestead Buildings & Sheds and its personnel access to the premises and the opportunity of Homestead Buildings & Sheds to inspect, correct or replace alleged issues, before owner / renter incurs expenses or has work done by another individual or contractor not assigned by Homestead Buildings & Sheds. ​ This warranty, does not cover damage or defects caused by failure to maintain the building or keep it in good condition.

Damage resulting to fire, freezing, storms, electrical malfunction or surge, lightning, earthquake, pest/pets damage, acts of God, or other unforeseen causes or accidents. Damage from any alterations done after the building has been delivered, misuse or abuse by any person. Any item furnished, installed, modified, altered or repaired by you or any other person other than Homestead Buildings & Sheds and its personnel. Warranty does not cover damages caused by exterior addition like porch attached or unattached to the building. Warranty does not cover leaking house type doors due to heavy rain because these types of doors are meant to be installed in a house and cannot be guaranteed against all leaks from heavy rain in a portable storage building.

​ This warranty constitutes the entire integrated agreement and understanding of the parties as to any causes of action for losses, expenses, or damages under warranty, workmanship, or construction material or product defect issues, and supersedes as well as pre-empts any oral statements or representations Homestead Buildings & Sheds and its personnel, before or after signing the contract. ​

Your shed is built with premium, durable materials and is built to last!
Please click on the photos below for specific Manufacturer's Warranty Information

50-Year Wood Siding

Lifetime Flooring

Premium Flooring

Premium Flooring

75-Year Vinyl Siding

40-Year Metal Roof

Over 26 Years of Trusted Quality

Amish-Inspired Craftsmanship and Design

Premium, Durable Materials

For repairs, please send photos of damage and your contact information in an email to: